Frequently Asked Questions

You can simply call with the updated credit/debit card number. If this is your first time paying by credit card, please submit the Credit Card Form and then call with your card number.

Oopsies! Only the Menlo-Atherton ownership group is allowed to execute a lock-cut. Please call the office so we can schedule a lock cut. Lock cuts are $35 or $50 depending on lock type.

Menlo-Atherton requires that the tenant (or someone on access for the space) is at the facility the WHOLE time the movers are at the facility.  It is very important that someone monitors how they are treating your things and the facility. The tenant is responsible for any damage that the movers might cause. 

  • Do not give the mover’s your gate access code.
    • They can follow you in or we can open the gate for them.
  • The moving truck must be 26 feet or less in length.
  • Please do not allow movers to eat, drink or smoke in the facility.
  •  They must store your things at least 18″ below the sprinkler line in the unit. That is not only our policy but the US Occupational Department of Labor’s standard/requirement.
    • 1910.159(c)(10) ( Occupational Safety and Health Standards)

      Sprinkler spacing. …The minimum vertical clearance between sprinklers and material below shall be 18 inches (45.7 cm).

You may move out at any time. If you give us 30 days written notice prior to vacating, we will prorate the current month’s rent and refund it back to you. Vacate Form

Please remove everything from the space, leave it as clean as possible, and remove your lock. Lastly, make sure you completed the “Vacate Form“.

Menlo-Atherton does not allow the parking of Pod’s or any portable storage container, anywhere on our property. In the past, tenant’s with a “Pod” have parked them overnight on Haven Ave. You may call the city of Menlo Park for more information.

Current Tenant Forms

Please complete, date and sign the forms and return them to us at your convenience.

Email: [email protected]

For your convenience, you may securely complete and submit these forms online.  

The Primary Tenant on file must be the one to complete, date and sign these forms (except credit card form), otherwise they are not valid.

Credit Card Form

** If you already have a Credit card on file, please call with the updated card information **

Change Form

Terminate Rental Agreement